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    I’m a writer, reporter, and video correspondent focusing on underreported stories of global urban culture. My areas of expertise are China, Africa, and food of all stripes.

    After four years as a features reporter at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong I’m back in New York City where I produce all kinds of stories for all kinds of publications and write the daily Fresh Intelligence briefing for New York Magazine.

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  • Features

    Appearing mostly in the South China Morning Post, these stories investigate the underreported aspects of life in Asia and around the world.

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  • Lifestyle

    Trend pieces, reviews, and investigations on all the stuff that makes life worth living: food, drinks, travel, fashion, entertainment, and nightlife.

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  • Video

    My work in front of the camera reporting on the weird and wonderful, and sometimes scary.

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  • The Rest

    On tour with rock bands in Beijing, staying up all night in Hong Kong, crashing an illegal fight club, undercover in One Direction’s inner sanctum, first-person reporting, rants, opinion pieces, and everything that won’t fit anywhere else.

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  • Blog

    Home and Hunger is an on going food blog that asks the question Can you eat your way back home again? A series of observations, cravings, and grievances on American food culture from the perspective of a recovering expatriate.

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